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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 6 1999 7:27pm
Subject:unixODBC - TraceFile
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Harvey <pharvey@stripped> writes:

Peter> Monty,
Peter> Only DM logging is making it to log file. I think this has something to
Peter> do with using stuff like stderr as the TraceFile while in unixODBC we
Peter> assume a real file name so I put;

Peter> Trace = Yes
Peter> TraceFile = /home/pharvey/SQL.LOG

Peter> unixODBC kinda expects that the Driver will call
Peter> SQLGetPrivateProfileString()  in SQLConnect() to get the file name and
Peter> init logging accordingly. I am not sure what is going on, is this
Peter> regard, in MyODBC.

Peter> Any comments?

Peter> Peter Harvey

Sorry ;  MySQL doesn't use SQLGetPrivateProfileString() for debugging.
(I just haven't had time to fix this).  If you can show me some code
how this is down, I will fix it at once!

If MyODBC is compiled with debugging, you only have to do the
following to initalize it:

export MYODBC_LOG=d:t:o,/tmp/myodbc.trace

to get a very useful trace in /tmp/myodbc.trace

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