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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 5 1999 8:06pm
Subject:unixODBC - MyODBC
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Harvey <pharvey@stripped> writes:

Peter> Just completed some testing with unixODBC and MyODBC.
Peter> 1. MyODBC has a func called check_parameters() which limits the
Peter> acceptable size of a table name to NAME_LEN. Unfortunately this
Peter> is set to 64. This affects several catalog functions. I am not
Peter> sure why this is done but it was causing unixODBC utilities
Peter> such as the DataManager and isql to fail on some catalog calls
Peter> because the values were too large. I adjusted the utilities to
Peter> pass SQL_NTS instead and things work much better now.

MySQL only supports table name sizes up to 64;  Do you really have
table names with more than 64 characters?

Peter> 2. There still seem to be some issues with StarOffice 5.0 and
Peter> MyODBC.  One can create a StarOffice db fine but not all
Peter> functionality is availible. I guess its something for future
Peter> consideration.

Do you have any ideas about this?  Have you tried to get a trace file
of this?

Peter> 3. The DataManager is picking up two SQLSpecialColumns, each
Peter> called '2'.  Apparently MyODBC does not handle
Peter> SQL_BEST_ROWID. I have to look at this closer but I would
Peter> imagine that it would be required for positional update/delete
Peter> as a first choice to determine the row id. I also think the
Peter> result set expected may differ from the result set generated in
Peter> terms of column order.

MyODBC should be able to handle both SQL_BEST_ROWID and SQLROWVER
without problems.

Can you get mail me an MyODBC trace file that shows this?

Peter> These changes, and many enhancements, are in unixODBC cvs and
Peter> will be out in the next distribution... expected within days.

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