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From:Peter Harvey Date:June 5 1999 1:41am
Subject:unixODBC - MyODBC
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Just completed some testing with unixODBC and MyODBC.

1. MyODBC has a func called check_parameters() which limits the
acceptable size of a table name to NAME_LEN. Unfortunately this is set
to 64. This affects several catalog functions. I am not sure why this is
done but it was causing unixODBC utilities such as the DataManager and
isql to fail on some catalog calls because the values were too large. I
adjusted the utilities to pass SQL_NTS instead and things work much
better now.

2. There still seem to be some issues with StarOffice 5.0 and MyODBC.
One can create a StarOffice db fine but not all functionality is
availible. I guess its something for future consideration.

3. The DataManager is picking up two SQLSpecialColumns, each called '2'.
Apparently MyODBC does not handle SQL_BEST_ROWID. I have to look at this
closer but I would imagine that it would be required for positional
update/delete as a first choice to determine the row id. I also think
the result set expected may differ from the result set generated in
terms of column order.

These changes, and many enhancements, are in unixODBC cvs and will be
out in the next distribution... expected within days.

Peter Harvey

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