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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 14 1999 2:30pm
Subject:myodbc & Optima++ 1.5
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>>>>> "Roger" == Roger Cooper <rogerco@stripped> writes:

Roger> I am attempting to get the combination of MySQL (on a Linux box) to talk to
Roger> Optima++ on a MS-Windows98 box via mysqlOdbc (2.50.1700)

Roger> I have this working well using MS-Access.

Roger> When I use Optima++ I get the form working, the test says connection is
Roger> achieved but when I try and scroll through the records (with a navigation
Roger> control) I can only go forwards one record at a time.  I cannot go backwards
Roger> or use the go to either end of the record set.

Roger> Any ideas, does this have something to do with the lack of support for
Roger> cursors?


MySQL supports full SQLExtendedFetch syntax, which should be enough
for any ODBC application to give you full scrolling.

It may however be that for Optima++ the above is not enough but it
also needs cursor support.  In this case you may be able to specify
that you want Optima++ to use manager side cursors insert of server
side cursors to solve this.

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