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From:M.-A. Lemburg Date:June 3 1999 10:46am
Subject:MyODBC / iODBC leaks on Linux
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I've downloaded the latest MyODBC driver and iODBC manager and
tested them for memory leakage. Unfortunately, the leakage
I reported months ago is still there. Even worse, it seems to
have increased.

The strange thing is that the leakage only occurs on Linux,
not with the latest driver for Win95, yet both platforms run the
same test code.

I also checked the test code with other drivers directly and
through the iODBC manager: neither the drivers, nor the iODBC
manager leak memory and this makes me pretty convinced that the
leakage must be located somewhere in the Unix part of the
MyODBC driver.

I looked around the code a bit, but all I found was that
a malloc in prepare.c is done via my_malloc(), but freed via free(),
instead of my_free(). Changing it didn't result in any improvement

Can anybody comment on this ?

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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