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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 3 1999 7:04am
Subject:bug fixes for MyODBC driver
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>>>>> "Russell" == Russell Sasnett <rsasnett@stripped> writes:

Russell> I would like to submit fixes for two bugs. Bug #1 is a typo in 
Russell> the MyODBC driver source code, and bug #2 is a typo in a registry 
Russell> key installed when you run the MyODBC setup program.

Russell> I'm not sure this is the right address, but everywhere on 
Russell> where it says "send bug reports to ..." the email address is missing. :) 
Russell> Please redirect me if I am in the wrong place.

Russell> Bugs and fixes follow.



Both patches applied ;  Thanks for the VERY clear bug report!

bug fixes for MyODBC driverRussell Sasnett3 Jun
  • bug fixes for MyODBC driverMichael Widenius3 Jun