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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 2 1999 8:28pm
Subject:Problem with sets column type
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>>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan Mayland <bmayland@stripped> writes:

Bryan> Hi!  I'm using myODBC 2.50.2200 in WindowsNT connecting to a mySQL database
Bryan> running on Linux.  When I run a query that returns a column that is of type
> SET,
Bryan> calling SQLDescribeColumn returns that the field is of type SQL_CHAR and has a
Bryan> size of 0.  Is there a work-around to this?  I was thinking about it, and I
Bryan> don't even know what I would expect to be returned!  Anyone have any ideas?

Bryan> Bry


SQLDescribeColumn returns the precision for your result, not the max
possible column length for a SET column.

If you want to get the max length for a SET column, you should use
SQLColumns() function call or set the '"Don't optimize column width'
option in the MyODBC connect dialog.


PS: Sorry for the late reply.
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