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From:Pat Sherrill Date:January 3 2001 12:57pm
Subject:Re: set Driver MyODBC
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You don't need Samba to connect to a MySQL server on linux.

To use MyODBC on a win9x machine:

            1. Download the appropriate myodbc zip from a MySQL Mirror.
            2. Install MyODBC
            3. Create a DSN (usually through the ODBC32 control panel)
pointing to your MySQL Server and Database
            4. Use your 3rd party ODBC compliant application to talk to you
DB through the DSN you created in step 3.

Keep in mind, a TIMESTAMP column and an AUTO_INCREMENT column in each table
will ensure updateable tables in most ODBC compliant products.

I hope this helps...


BTW when using MS Access or other products using the Jet Database, I have
found creating a link table in MS Access (linking to the DSN created in step
3) facilitates movement through the result sets.
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> Hello:
> I have a connection MySQL with MyODBC, server Samba (Linux SUSe 6.3) and
> workstations Win 98 y 95. I want information about how to set Driver
> I'm working in Clarion 5.
> Thank You.
> María Esther Capilla
> RC Sistemas
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