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From:David Carlson Date:May 27 1999 2:31pm
Subject:Problem with entering dates
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I use Access, Win95, and ODBC to update a remote mySQL database.

One of local computers has no problems editing any field. The other local
computer cannot enter dates. Any other field type is fine - just dates.
Every time I enter a date and then move to another record, the date field I
just entered goes blank. Once that happens, I cannot delete that record or
edit any other field ("MS Jet stopped. Another user tried is trying to edit
that record").

I have a timestamp(14) field in the table. Both computer use the same .dsn.
Both computers have been set up with the same date format in Windows
settings. I use WinGate - the computer with no problems is the proxy server,
while the other is just another computer in the network.

Any suggestions?


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