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From:Pat Sherrill Date:December 11 2000 1:05pm
Subject:Re: Problem with ACCESS and Mysql
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Add a TIMESTAMP(14) to your table.


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From: "Ireneusz Piasecki" <irek@stripped>
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Sent: Monday, December 11, 2000 7:43 AM
Subject: Problem with ACCESS and Mysql

Helo !
I'm from Poland, so my english is'n very good.
I have little problem with MySQL AND ACCESS 97.
MySql server goes with LINUX Redhat 6.2.
I have table, where struct is:
id int(4) not null auto_increment
tresc varchar(50) not null,
primary key (id)

I connect to my sql base with ODBC with ACCESS.
When i'm adding new record in form, the new added record isn't visible, the
access writes, that "record in table was deleted by another user". When i
close my form and open again, all is ok. this record has got next number,
(field id) and i can him edit.
Can i fix it, anyway ??

Ireneusz Piasecki
KomNet s.c

Problem with ACCESS and MysqlIreneusz Piasecki11 Dec
  • Re: Problem with ACCESS and MysqlPat Sherrill11 Dec