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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 23 1999 8:28pm
Subject:myodbc-2.50.22 breaks perl sockets on NT?
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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike McCauley <mikem@stripped> writes:

Mike> Heres a little perl program that demonstrates an apparent problem with
Mike> myodbc-2.50.22 on NT.

Mike> This progrem creates a UDP socket, connects to a mySQL database through
Mike> DBI/DBD-ODBC/myODBC to on NT. No queries are
Mike> issued. When the program attempts to send() on the UDP socket, it gets an
Mike> "unknown error" failure. The perl is ActiveState build 516.

Mike> If the socket is opened _after_ connecting to the database instead of before,
Mike> it works fine.

Mike> The problem is the same if its ActiveState build 509.

Mike> Problem is the same when the mysql database is mysql-3.21.33b on a remote
Mike> Solaris instead of the shareware on NT.

Mike> Problem is the same on Windows 98.

Mike> There is no problem with DBD-Sybase, DBD-Oracle, or DBD-ODBC to MSSQL or
Mike> ORACLE, only DBD_ODBC with myODBC fails.

Mike> Problem goes away with myodbc-2.50.19.

Mike> Looks to me like the problem is in myodbc-2.50.22.

Mike> Attached is the script domonstrating the problem, plus the myodbc.log

Mike> Any ideas?


The problem is probably how winsockets works on NT/Win98:

MyODBC uses TCP/IP as a protocol between the client and the server (It 
may be that Sybase and Oracle doesn't use TCP/IP).  To allow this,
MyODBC has to initialise the winsocket library with the following code:
(From mysys/my_init.c)

    WSACleanup( );			/* This is needed on some machines */
    if (!WSAStartup( wVersionRequested, &wsaData ))

The WSACleanup() code is added recently as this was needed to get
MyODBC / MySQL to work on some machines.

The problem probably that the WSACleanup() call makes your program
fail, but as I don't know of any way to check if WSACleanup() is
really needed this is VERY hard to fix.   (I have checked a lot of
documentation about this, but haven't found any answer to this)

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