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From:Christian Mack Date:May 21 1999 4:21pm
Subject:Re: ODBC and remote access
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abu wrote:
> I connect Mysql database with MYODBC but there is error like "No Error TCX Se", is
> there any explanation ?
> I wrote :
> Windows DNS name : MyDNS
> Server :
> MySQL Database name : MyDatabase
> user : abu
> password : ***
> Port (if not 3306) :
> I dont understand where is my wrong ?
> > Hi Ruben
> >
> > If you want to use ODBC to connect to an MySQL DNBS, you have to install the
> MyODBC driver on each win32 client machine.
> >
> > Tschau
> > Christian

Hi Abu

This "error" message means, that you have correctly created a ODBC DSN with the MyODBC
driver ;)

In order to actually use this DSN (== connect to the mysql server), you have to use a
client program, that supports ODBC connection.

For example you can use M$ Access as such a client.
1) Start Access.
2) Create a new empty database in Access and name it whatever you like e.g.
3) Goto File->External data->link tables.
4) Choose the Filetype 'ODBC databases'.
5) Select 'MyDNS'.
6) Start linking.
7) Choose the tables you want to look at.
8) Double click on a tablename to open this table.

That's it :)


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