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From:David Carlson Date:May 20 1999 8:39pm
Subject:ODBC access through firewall
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We've put our database server behind our application server, and are now
having problems accessing it with Windows/ Access/ ODBC from my remote

The general configuration is:

Internet <-> application server <-> database server

The application server has two network cards: one on the internet and one to
the database server. Database and application servers are connected with a
crossover cable rather than a hub. Both application and network servers run

We have forwarded port 3307 on the application server to port 3306 on the
database server, however, ODBC is unable to connect. We are able to connect
using mySQL from a remote internet Linux machine, so we know the forwarding
is working.

Any suggestions on what we've done wrong? Can anyone suggest a different way
of accomplishing our goal?

Thanks in advance


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