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From:Christian Mack Date:May 20 1999 11:33am
Subject:Re: Need help installing MyODBC on NT Workstation
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Bruce Sedlacek wrote:
> I checked the mailing list archives and couldn't find anything like this...
> I have begun working on a database project with web integration for a
> customer, and it has become critical to use ODBC to manage the database.  I
> have had extremely good results on my Windows 98 machine using MS Access
> with MyODBC.  However, when I sent the files to my customer, who is running
> NT Workstation 4 on his primary machine, he cannot get the first step of
> installing MyODBC to work.
> When he runs the setup.exe program, it gives him an error saying that
> something is an invalid entry point for mscvrt20.dll (of which he has a
> newer version in his winnt/system32 directory than what comes with the
> MyODBC for NT).  And yes, I did have him get the NT version of MyODBC.  But
> I'm wondering if this NT version is specific to NT Server vs. Workstation?
> Has anybody else run into this problem?  Any suggestions on how we could get
> it installed?  Is it possible to install manually considering that he
> already has ODBC installed?
> All help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Bruce

There is no difference between NT server versus workstation with MyODBC.
It works nice with NT4.0 service pack 4.

What service pack has your customer installed?


Need help installing MyODBC on NT WorkstationBruce Sedlacek20 May
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