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From:Peter Carter Date:May 18 1999 3:01am
Subject:Re: [myODBC]
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At 10:24 AM 5/18/99 +0800, you wrote:
Well, you may be suffering from re-inventing the wheel. Take a look at the
code generated by DBWiz. This code get's around all the microsoft quirks
about blobs when using MySQL and MyODBC. I'm not trying to plug it, but it
was put on the web so others could gain from my own efforts to solve that
verry issue.

The wizzard will generate an object-oriented vb class to access the database.

It may be easier to convert your PHP database to it or have a look at the
code on how I translate blobs to sql statements. This method works well for
me, and I store pictures all the time.

>I don't use VB so I could be talking a load of rubbish but...
>there is a possibility that you are expecting the VB picture controls 
>to understand Jpegs etc. when they only understand BMP formats
>We've developped an application with VB5 to link a Linux MySQL 
>In this DB we've put some pictures (jpeg & gif) via php3 and Linux 
>This pictures can be displayed with our VB soft on our Win98 box.
>But :
>- when we put pictures with the VB soft, all is wrong : we can't read
>pictures. Doe"s anyone know what's the matter (myodbc driver or
>something else ?)
>Thank's a lot.
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