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From:Calistra Research Labs Date:March 15 1999 10:31am
Subject:(Fwd) Re: myodbc & Optima++ 1.5
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Version 1.5 has datawindow support. Use datawindows.
I have been digging into the query / navigator problem and it is not 
too promising as yet. I got bidirectional but could not edit the data 
that way. You get bidirectional by messing with the transaction 
object (not the query object as you would expect).
The query objects are still useful - you can update data etc. with 
them with coded SQL.

FYI - the Calistra ODBC mySQL Administrator is written in 
Power++ (Optima renamed).

> I am attempting to get the combination of MySQL (on a Linux box) to talk to
> Optima++ on a MS-Windows98 box via mysqlOdbc (2.50.1700)
> I have this working well using MS-Access.
> When I use Optima++ I get the form working, the test says connection is
> achieved but when I try and scroll through the records (with a navigation
> control) I can only go forwards one record at a time.  I cannot go backwards
> or use the go to either end of the record set.
> Any ideas, does this have something to do with the lack of support for
> cursors?
> Thanks Roger

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