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From:Peter Carter Date:May 13 1999 11:30am
Subject:Re: [myODBC]
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At 02:15 PM 5/12/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello there,
>We've developped an application with VB5 to link a Linux MySQL database.
>In this DB we've put some pictures (jpeg & gif) via php3 and Linux box.
>This pictures can be displayed with our VB soft on our Win98 box.
>But :
>- when we put pictures with the VB soft, all is wrong : we can't read
>pictures. Doe"s anyone know what's the matter (myodbc driver or
>something else ?)
>Thank's a lot.
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Check the SIZE of the data in the record. If it is double what you expect
you have a string problem.

I expect you have fallen down the path of double-byte strings in VB. If you
ARE using strings use byte arrays instead. This should cure the problem. 

If you convert a string to a byte array, you have to skip every second
element. You are probably better off reading the file into a byte array to
start with.

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