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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 14 1999 3:38pm
Subject:myodbc: Query problems using MS Access 7
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>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Pedro <bpedro@stripped> writes:

Bruno> Hi all,
Bruno> I'd like to know if you had any problems with some kind of queries using
Bruno> MS Access 7 and MyODBC 2.50.21?

Bruno> I'm having these problems when trying to perform queries using sum(xxx)
Bruno> and group by xxx. It usually takes a very long time and some times it
Bruno> returns a syntax error. I've tried to do this in many different ways but
Bruno> couldn't find anything wrong in my query.

Bruno> I don't have the SQL queries with me right now but I will send them as
Bruno> well as the table definitions in my next message.


Please do a MyODBC trace log (not an ODBC log) and check the queries
Access tries to do!  In some case Access generates illegal SQL queries 
when connecting to remote servers!


myodbc: Query problems using MS Access 7Michael Widenius15 Mar
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