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From:Barry Cornelius Date:March 11 1999 9:48am
Subject:How do I install MyODBC?
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I want to be able to access a MySQL database from Microsoft Access running
on Windows 95. 

My understanding is that in order to do this I need to install the MyOBDC
driver.  I have obtained a copy of and put the two
DLLs into the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.  I think I need to register
this as a driver, because when I try to create a new data source, the
MyODBC driver does not appear in the list of known drivers. 

When I go to ODBC in the Control Panel, and then click on the "ODBC
Drivers" tab, there is no Add button.  The Help information says:  "Note
that this dialog box no longer includes Add and Delete buttons to be used
to add or delete a driver.  An ODBC driver must be added or deleted
through the driver's setup program."  Unfortunately, MyODBC does not seem
to come with one of these. 

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