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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 1 1999 9:56pm
Subject:Problems with LEFT JOIN in Access...
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>>>>> "Magnus" == Magnus Hoglund <mho@stripped> writes:

Magnus> Hi,

Magnus> I have a very strange problem with LEFT JOIN in myODBC and Access...
Magnus> It works perfectly on my machine, but when I send the mde-file containing
Magnus> my Access-program to a couple of users they get strange results...

Magnus> I'm running a SQL-statement like this...

Magnus> SELECT tbl1.fld11, tbl1.fld12, tbl1.fld13, tbl2.fld21, tbl2.fld22,
Magnus> tbl2.fld23, tbl3.fld31, tbl3.fld32, tbl3.fld33 from (tbl1 LEFT JOIN tbl2
Magnus> ON tbl1.fld12 = tbl2.fld22) LEFT JOIN tbl3 ON tbl2.fld23 = tbl3.fld33
Magnus> ORDER BY tbld1.fld11, tbl1.fld12;

Magnus> When i run this on my computer the result is as expected. I get a join of
Magnus> the tables where the fields in tbl2 is set to NULL where there is no
Magnus> matching record for it... However, when run on one of the other computers
Magnus> I almost ONLY get the records (from tbl1) which have no match in tbl2!
Magnus> I write almost, because of almost 500 records in tbl2 i get approx 10!

Magnus> I run mysql version 3.22.16a-gamma on Solaris (binary dist) and the latest
Magnus> myODBC for Win95/98 (2.50.22)... My PC is running Windows 98 and I have
Magnus> Visual Basic 6.0 installed (which have installed a different odbc-driver).
Magnus> The other PC's are running Windows 95 and an updated odbc-driver and
Magnus> myODBC 2.50.22...

Magnus> Anyone having suggestions??

Magnus> Regards Magnus 


Try first upgrading to 3.22.22 ;  If this doesn't help, please create
a full test of this and upload it to

and I will try to get you a patch for this!


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