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From:Andreas Lund Date:April 29 1999 3:03pm
Subject:Sharing MyODBC .dsn files across a network
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I need to know if anyone else has any experience with sharing .dsn files
across a network. The idea behind File Data Sources is ofcourse that you
create the .dsn file and put it where other people can reach it. The problem
is that I have three PCs, one running NT4, one Win95 and one Win98. Not one
of them will accept a .dsn file unless it is located in the local Data
Sources directory.

I had to create the .dsn files by hand ofcourse, since Microsoft's ODBC
manager can't be used for this. I've been roaming the internet for
documentation on this problem, but all I could come up with was the .dsn
file format used by MyODBC. Here is an example file:


Again... everything works OK if I copy them to the local Data Sources
directory, and I have tried with MyODBC versions .17 thru .22. (Machine &
User data sources also work fine, but those are kind of hard to share across

Is this a known problem with Microsoft's ODBC implementation, that the whole
idea of specifying the location of my .dns file is completely useless, or is
it a problem with all MyODBC versions?


-Andreas Lund.
Ano-Tech Computers
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Sharing MyODBC .dsn files across a networkAndreas Lund29 Apr
Re: Sharing MyODBC .dsn files across a networkAndreas Lund30 Apr