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From:Peter Harvey Date:April 29 1999 1:03am
Subject:Re: Problem with MyODBC
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> Christian> SQLDescribeCol is supposed to return the precision of a
> Christian> column in the result set. The precision is defined as "The
> Christian> maximum number of digits used by the data type of the column
> Christian> or parameter." The following table states clearly that the
> Christian> precision for a CHAR(10) column must be 10. However, MyODBC
> Christian> "optimizes" this into returning the maximum number of
> Christian> characters _used_ for a column in the current statement. If,

> I have checked this up a couple of times;  According to Microsoft's
> ODBC specification, SQLDescribeCol returns:

Christian is correct according to the ODBC spec for 3.5.1. In fact, I think he
quoted from it.


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