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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 28 1999 9:01am
Subject:Visual Basic, MySQL
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>>>>> "jasons" == jasons  <jasons@stripped> writes:

jasons> I am having a problem updating rows using visual basic and mysql 
jasons> odbc driver, the database is located on another host.  I can manual 
jasons> update all of the fields correctly. The real problem comes into play 
jasons> when i try to update certain fields.  I am currently using rdo to 
jasons> connect to the other host running a mysql server.  Once connect I 
jasons> try to add a new row, and the database will not update the 
jasons> complete entry from my VB application. I have found that the 
jasons> application will only update the maximum amount of characters 
jasons> that already exists in the field.  However, I can update it manual 
jasons> and the entry will work correctly.

jasons> Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Try ticking the option 'Don't optimize column width' option on the
MyODBC connect screen!

Visual Basic, MySQLjasons28 Apr
  • Visual Basic, MySQLMichael Widenius28 Apr