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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 25 1999 8:19pm
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>>>>> "hdevcic" == hdevcic  <WINDOWS-1250> writes:

hdevcic> You wrote this in support:
hdevcic> Access can't always handle DATE columns properly. If you have a problem with
> these, change the columns to DATETIME.

hdevcic> I would appriciate if you can explain when Access can't support MySQl's DATE
> type, and is it there way to avoid it. It would make my life much nicer, cause the TIME
> part of DATETIME is surplus which makes me troubles cause i would have to make many
> changes to programs which communicate with database.

hdevcic> I use Access '97 on WindowsNT Workstation and on Windows 98,
hdevcic> MyODBC is latest 2.50.22 Version
hdevcic> Mysql server is running on FreeBsd and is 3.21.33b Version.

hdevcic> Thank you

hdevcic> Hrvoje Devcic


If I remember correctly, the problem is that when Access tries to
update a DATE column it will update this with a DATETIME value.
(This is abug in Access)

For example, Access will do:

update stamgegevens SET Geb_datum=19760429000000 where ID = 1;

instead of:

update stamgegevens SET Geb_datum=19760429 where ID = 1;

On the other hand, in the newest MySQL version (3.22.21) both
statements should work!

Please test using DATE columns and if this doesn't work, mail me all
details that I may need to reproduce this!

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