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From:Kari Lempiainen Date:April 21 1999 8:55am
Subject:Why setlocale(LC_NUMERIC,"English") in ODBC driver
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Hello world,

 I'm running MySQL Server 3.22.20a in my Linux system within my "home
network". I have tables with float and double columns. I need to
access the data with my NT 4.0 boxes through ODBC.

 I started to wonder why the float values came though ODBC interface
as integers, ie. decimal parts dropped, when I imported the data to
various applications in NT. I just downloaded the latest source code
for the MyODBC driver to check from the source what is happening. I
run my NTs with decimal points set as "," in regional settings, as a
standard in Finland. The MyODBC driver forces the locale settings in
four points in source to the Enlish standard ("." for decimal point),
and this confuses my applications. When I changed the lines in code
and recompiled the ODBC driver, I started getting valid floating point
values from the MySQL database.

 Why is the ODBC driver forcing the locale to English???


Kari Lempiäinen
Kari Lempiainen
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