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From:Craig Petty Date:April 20 1999 2:01pm
Subject:RE: Problem with mysql/myodbc and VisualBasic 6 (ADO)
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I don't really have an answer to this.  But, I would like to add that I've
had the same problem.  ADO select statements work just fine, but when you go
to update or create a record forget it!  I finally gave up on it.  Now I use
RDO in Visual Basic and DBI in Perl.  It works, but it would be nice to use
ADO in both languages.  I'd be very interested in finding the solution to
this problem.

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Subject: RE: Problem with mysql/myodbc and VisualBasic 6 (ADO)

> Please: Can someone help me? I tried to read as much documentation as i
> could find, but i can't solve this problem alone ...

I've tried creating all kinds of potentially
updateable ADO recordsets (with bound controls
or normal recordsets) with no luck also.

SQL statements work OK but ADO and MyODBC
don't get along terribly well if you want
to use recordset methods (add, update etc) or
bound controls.

I haven't had a chance to really dive
into the MyODBC source...cloning Monty
might be easier :)


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