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From:Patrick Sherrill Date:April 25 2000 7:22pm
Subject:Re: Dynasets
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There is no native cursor support in the MyODBC Driver.  Therefore you must
either use 'snapshot' type recordsets in VC++ or create a link file from MS
Access and reference that DSN in your VC++ program.


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> A few things:
> Try using ADO instead of DAO (a Dynaset is a DAO recordset type)
> Try using both client side and server side cursors.
> Try changing the options you have selected in MyODBC - generally with MS
> stuff you want only "return matching rows" checked
> Make sure you aren't trying to use ODBC Direct cursors or some such thing
> Jamie
> At 01:41 PM 4/25/00 -0400, alberto.ramos@stripped wrote:
> >The point is that I am running an application from Visual C++ that uses
> >the recordset class and when I setup the ODBC it pops up:
> >
> >ODBC driver does not support dynasets.
> >
> >I tried the same with SQL server and it worked.
> >
> >Regards,
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