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From:Olivier Auer Date:April 19 1999 3:09pm
Subject:Changes in Recordset [RE: CTTnnnn.TMP Files in VC++]
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I´m working with mySQL over ODBC and Microsoft VC++ 6.0.
I have created a MFC-Application. I have also set the Option 128.
Because there was a Error on Edit and Delete Records, (Invalide Cursor
Name, Data Truncated), i have changed the Update-SQL in the
Recordset-Class as follow:
-I have copy the implementation of this 4 methods from dbcore.cpp in my
own       CRecordset-class:
   BOOL Update();
   void Delete();
   BOOL UpdateInsertDelete();
   void BuildUpdateSQL();
-I have changed in BuldUpdateSQL this:

//-------- COwnRecordSet.cpp
 // Update and Delete need "WHERE CURRENT OF <cursorname>"
 if (m_nEditMode == edit || m_nEditMode == noMode)
  // Cache cursor name assigned by ODBC
  if (m_strCursorName.IsEmpty())
   // Get predefined cursor name from datasource
   RETCODE nRetCode;
   UCHAR szCursorName[MAX_CURSOR_NAME+1];
   SWORD nLength = _countof(szCursorName)-1;
    szCursorName, _countof(szCursorName), &nLength));
   if (!Check(nRetCode))
   m_strCursorName = (char*)szCursorName;
  m_strUpdateSQL += m_strCursorName;
  m_strUpdateSQL += _T(" WHERE PKey =' ");

      char buffer[20];
  _ultoa( m_ID, buffer, 10);

  m_strUpdateSQL += m_PKey;
  m_strUpdateSQL += " ' AND ID = ' ";
  m_strUpdateSQL += buffer;
  m_strUpdateSQL += " ' ";

This works fine now, but the program doesen´t delete the CTTnnnn.TMP
Can somebody help me ?


Changes in Recordset [RE: CTTnnnn.TMP Files in VC++]Olivier Auer19 Apr