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From:Patrick Sherrill Date:April 19 1999 2:51pm
Subject:Re: CTTnnnn.TMP Files in VC++
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Can you tell me what you changed, or supply the changes you made to the
recordset class.  I have been having the same problem for sometime now and I
would prefer to use ODBC as opposed to DAO.  When I create a link table in
Access and use DAO instead of ODBC the problem you described goes away.

What was causing the difficulty in the ODBC recordset by the way?


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From: Olivier Auer <oa@stripped>
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Date: Monday, April 19, 1999 10:27 AM
Subject: CTTnnnn.TMP Files in VC++

>I´m working with mySQL over ODBC and Microsoft VC++ 6.0.
>I have created a MFC-Application. I have also set the Option 128.
>Because there was a Error on Edit and Delete Records, (Invalide Cursor
>Name, Data Truncated), i have changed the Update-SQL in the
>Recordset-Class. This works fine now,
>but the program doesen´t delete the CTTnnnn.TMP -Files.
>Can somebody help me ?
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CTTnnnn.TMP Files in VC++Olivier Auer19 Apr
Re: CTTnnnn.TMP Files in VC++Patrick Sherrill19 Apr