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From:Barry Cornelius Date:April 10 2000 6:26pm
Subject:Using MySQL with Windows NT encryption
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Section 6.2 of the MySQL manual says "When you connect to a MySQL server,
you normally should use a password.  The password is not transmitted in
clear text over the connection".  When you use a MyODBC driver, I presume
that the driver acts as a client to the server, and so it ensures that the
password is not transmitted in plain text.  Is this right? 

One of the networks here has chosen to enforce the use of Windows NT
password encryption.  I'm not an NT expert.  The way I understand it is
that with NT you can either (a) set EnablePlainTextPassword and the NT
client negotiates with the server and attempts to be secure with the
server and only uses plain text passwords where necessary or (b) you can
enforce the use of NT encryption (and so will reject servers that don't). 

The claim is that with Windows NT password encryption enforced on the NT
client the password sent from the MyODBC client to the MySQL server
(running on a Solaris 7 box) is not understood.  Will this be true? 

If this is the case, how is the problem solved?  The people running the
network (and looking after the NT client) are relunctant to switch their
high-level security off.  What are the problems if they relax their
security on this NT client?


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