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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 17 1999 7:25am
Subject:IIS 4.0 crash
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>>>>> "Luiz" == Luiz Otavio Souza <luiz@stripped> writes:

Luiz> Hi,
Luiz> 	I'm using the MyODBC 2.50.22 (Full setup NT) with ASP on the ISS
Luiz> 4.0. My defult.asp access the MySQL and if i press the reload button (on
Luiz> browser) sometimes the ISS crash.

What error message do you get (exactly)?
Can you produce a myodbc trace file of this? (Please read the MyODBC
README file about this).
If you produce a trace file, mail it directly to me and not to the
mailing list!

Luiz> 	I've change the myodbc.dll with another version (another
Luiz> download), but the version is the same but this finish the problem.
Luiz> 	Someone have this problem too? What version of dll has this
Luiz> problem?

Are you sure this is a MyODBC problem and not an ISS problem?

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