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From:Peter Carter Date:March 22 2000 11:47pm
Subject:Re: interpreting ODBC error code S1090
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on 3/22/00 9:09 AM, Derek M Wickersham at Wickersham_Derek_M@stripped wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm unable to solve this problem and I think (hope) this is the right place to
> start. I have MyODBC on a Windows NT server connecting to a mySQL database on
> a Linux machine. I'm using Cold Fusion on the Windows machine and a particular
> query fails for some records (not all). I can type in the query manually in
> the mysql client on the Linux machine and it works fine. So I think it must be
> related to something in MyODBC and that's why I'm posting here.
> Here is the error I'm getting:
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> ODBC Error Code = S1090 (Invalid string or buffer length)
> [TCX][MyODBC]SQLBindParameter not used for all parameters
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Here is what the SQL looks like:
> SQL = "insert into Standards ( ID ,CommitteeID ,StdNumber ,Subject ,ModifyDate
> ,Link ,Stage ,SortStr ,Related ) values ( 11388 ,8288
> ,'1111:2222' ,'Something something something - Size "S"' ,'1999-07-08
> 10:47:19'
> ,''
> ,'0.0' ,'2697' ,'XYZ Std: J222 J333' )"
> And of course, here is what each field is:
> ID: int 4
> CommitteeID: int 4
> StdNumber: varchar 100
> Subject: text 65535
> ModifyDate: timestamp 16
> Link: text 65535
> Stage: double 8
> SortStr: varchar 100
> Related: text 65535
> OK, I'm not an expert SQL/ODBC programmer, so please be kind if I'm doing
> something blatantly errant. My hunch is the question mark in the Link field is
> getting interpreted as a parameter. However, it is not a parameter and I don't
> know how to specify that. Does it need to be escaped somehow? And how come I
> can enter this exact query into the mysql client directly with no complaints?
> Thanks in advance,
> Derek
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Your problem is two fold.

1) Make sure your MySQL server has a large network buffer size.

2) Your ODBC Manager, not driver, is only required to have a 4k buffer. This
is standard ODBC manager specs (a lot of people miss this). CF normally
opens a select in a RO / Forward Only mode (aka firehose), which bypasses
manager cursors. Thus it should not be a problem here.

It seems to be your blobs that are preventing the selects from finalizing.
Increasing the network packet size to 1M will not hamper performance. I have
a genealogy DB on my server with 400,000 records, with no memory problems.
It typically only grows to 32M usage after about a month.

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