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From:David Carlson Date:April 12 1999 4:53am
Subject:ODBC through to a remote machine.
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We currently use Access & ODBC to maintain a mySQL database on a single
machine that is both an application server and database server.

Our traffic has increased, and we are going to multiple machines.

We can go two ways:

Internet <-> hub 	<-> application server (1 NIC)(IP address#1)
			<-> database server (1 NIC) (IP address #2)

or 2)
Internet <-> application server (2 NIC's), <-> database server (1NIC)

Any comments on either of these two configurations? The application server
is a Linux box running Apache, perl, gnuPlot & sendmail. The database server
would just be a Linux box running mySQL.

The decision is an easy one if we cannot use ODBC to maintain the databases.
In option 1, I can log directly in to the database server just as I
currently do. In option 2, I need to log in to the database server through
the application server. My preference is option 2 - it affords a bit more
security for our database server, and has one less piece of equipment (the
hub) that can fail.

Is it possible to log into the database server through the application
server? One way I think may work is to use port forwarding or tunneling in
SSH on the application server.



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