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From:A Date:May 16 2017 10:23pm
Subject:myodbc broken & removed from ubuntu 16.04
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I'm trying to install freepbx/asterisk, which has myodbc as a 
dependency.  ubuntu 16.04

After trying unsuccessfully to pull it from the repos I found these 

    *summary*: - myodbc uses internal libmysqlclient functions no longer
    exported by 5.7
    + Please remove myodbc from the archive

    Remove myodbc:
    The package has not been maintained in a while, and there are no
    hard dependencies on it. It is the default alternative for libreoffice-

    canzeley-client, but not a requirement, and otherwise only shows up
    as a suggestion.
    Once upstream has finished the work on MySQL 5.7 we can try to
    update myodbc in proposed to get it back into the release, but there
    is a significant chance there won't be enough time.


Does anyone have any additional insight on any of this?

Thank you in advance

myodbc broken & removed from ubuntu 16.04A16 May