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From:John Bonnett Date:February 25 2014 1:46am
Subject:RE: How to treat the SET type field?
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Hi Hirobon,

I was not aware of those multi-valued fields in Access.

I agree, I think the issue will be in the ODBC connector. ODBC is supposed to be a method
for connecting to all sorts of databases and accordingly it mostly only supports things
that are widely available. It looks in this case as if you might be able to get access to
the MySQL SET/ENUM columns in Access if the ODBC drive allowed it.

I have no experience modifying the ODBC driver. It is probably C++, which is a language I
have not worked with much. If you wanted to have a go, the first step would be to see if
you could at least build a working version of the driver yourself. If you can do that, and
get familiar with how it works, you could try modifying it to do what you want. To make it
generally useful you would want any changes to not cause a problem for anyone not using
Access as the client. That's how open source is supposed to work.


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Subject: Re: How to treat the SET type field?

Hi John!

Thank you for your help. I also googled this issue. And I found this article.
It says that access2007 can treat multivalued field.

I think this problem causes that MySQL/ODBC connector can not convert SET type field to
Access2013 multivalued field.

If you know how to change the source code of ODBC driver, please tell me that.

Thank you for any help.


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