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From:John Bonnett Date:October 28 2013 11:25am
Subject:RE: Data management system connection
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The things to check are:

When you try to connect you are using a particular user name. Is that user name defined in
the database?
The user has a password. Are you giving the correct password?
In the GRANT statement that gives the user permission to connect it also specifies what
hosts you can connect from, maybe a specific one, maybe some wildcard expression for the
host name/IP or perhaps a wildcard of '%' which allows any host. Is the host you are
trying to connect from allowed for this user?

I think that is all.

I am not sure if spaces in the user name are a good idea either.

This is covered in the manual.


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Subject: Data management system connection

Good morning, 

I am trying to connect a Data Management System application of our creation to a certain
data archive via MySQL ODBC Connector and, when launching the application, I get the
following error: 

"[MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver]Access denied for user 'DMS User'@'localhost'
(using password: YES)". 

What am I missing? 

The installation of MySQL apparently gave no problems, and this situation occurs just on
some machines (typically those with a 64bit OS). 

Could it be a problem at a "system level", about how this connection is attempted? 

Thanks in advance! 


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