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From:Maury Markowitz Date:June 18 2012 2:18pm
Subject:Driver fails to load under 10.7
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I am on a MacAir 10.7.4, 64-bit (I think, I should check this...)

I installed the latest MySQL 5.5.25 package for the Mac, 64-bit (I believe!) and have
successfully set up a DB 'test' and imported the northwind DB into it through the command

I have installed Connect/ODBC 5.1.11 64-bit from the DMG, and set up a DSN in ODBC
Administrator. There appears to be no setup library (is this correct?) so I guessed what I
needed to type in, setting my server to 'localhost' and the database to 'test'

In Excel I am now trying to extract data from the DSN. Using the Database panel I select
my 'MySQL' DSN and press Test. This results in a dialog about the "driver could not be
loaded" (sorry, it appears behind the excel document so I can't cut-n-paste the exact
message), and when dismissed, another appears stating that Mach-O couldn't find the right

[iODBC][Driver Manager]dlopen(/usr/local/lib/,6): no suitable image found.
Did find: /usr/local/lib/ mach-o, but wrong architechture

A little help?
Driver fails to load under 10.7Maury Markowitz18 Jun
  • RE: Driver fails to load under 10.7John Bonnett19 Jun