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From:Al McNicoll Date:January 5 2011 10:06am
Subject:RE: Error 3197
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Hi Jerry,

The consensus on the forums seems to be to replace the native DAO / ADO Update methods
with SQL Executes.

rs.FindFirst "ID = 24601"
rs!TastesLike = "chicken"

con.Execute "UPDATE animaltable SET TastesLike='chicken' WHERE ID = 24601"

I appreciate that this isn't always a simple rewrite, and I don't know whether it's
practical for your application, but it seems to have had more success than other

See also:,44969,44969#msg-44969

Kind regards,

Integritec Limited

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From: Jerry Schwartz [mailto:jerry@stripped] 
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Subject: Error 3197

I’ve moved an Access 2007 application over to MySQL, using the ODBC connector 5.1.
When I try to update a record, as often as not I’ll get a 3197. Sometimes if I move
back and forth in the table I can get around it, but I can’t ask my users to go
through various gyrations until they stop getting nasty messages.


I’ve searched the web, and all I’ve found are complaints and suggestions that
didn’t work for me.


I’ve tried toggling 


·         dynamic cursors

·         return matched rows


with no luck.


In Access, all of the forms are designated to use Dynasets (inconsistent).


Any suggestions? My job is more or less on the line.




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