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From:Petr Stehlik Date:April 9 1999 11:49am
Subject:RE: MyODBC 2.50.22 under Linux
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> Petr> I have been trying to compile the MyODBC package under
> Debian Linux 2.1 but

> Which MyODBC source distribution did you use?  The iODBC MySQL
> distribution (from, doesn't use
> any m-pc.h or s-msdos.h files.

yes I did use that but I have obviously had wrong mysql header files.

> You should just add a path to your MySQL source installation and after
> this, everything should compile nicely!

I have used a deb package with mysql-3.21.33 header files but it didn't work
at all. Then, I downloaded the current source mysql-3.22, did ./configure
and voila - the MyODBC package compiled without a single warning.



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