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From:Michiel Kreutzer Date:April 8 1999 1:18pm
Subject:Access subfofrms do not work
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I have been trying to split a MS Access database into an access frontend
and a mysql-backend on linux, linked by myODBC. So far most of
functionality is there, but I still have some mayor problems:

1. sorting seems to be a problem. I have coverted some 
   queries into pass-through-queries, manually typing the
   SQL statement, and that fixed the sorting problem. However,
   pass-through queries are not updatable, i think, so I can
   not add or delete from the sorted form.

2. When I add a new record in a form containing a linked 
   subform, the subform is empty. This is really annoying, and
   I have not been able to fix this in any way. When all was
   running under Access, I had no problems. This is the situation
   in short:

	In MySQL: three tables Customer, Order and Products
	          These are linked into access.

	In Access: From the tables queries are defined, on for the
                   form, containing fields from the Customer and Order
 	           tables. The query for the subform contains fields
	           from Products, including an Order_ID to match the
	           form and subform. 
	           When I open the form and click for a new record, the
	           subform is empty, where it should be filled with a
	           blank record (with only Order_Id filled in).

   Does anybody have an idea what causes this behavioour, and how it
   be solved?

thanks in advance,

Michiel Kreutzer
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