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From:Al McNicoll Date:June 11 2008 2:27pm
Subject:RE: Object Variable not set
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Dear Kev,

That sounds like a straight VBA error - the only way I could see it being
linked to MyODBC would be if MyODBC was returning an unusual value which led
to VBA running a different branch of code - can you post the code which
gives you the error? I imagine it might be something like

The VBA error means that an object variable (ie not just a string / number,
but an ADO connection or a comboBox control or something like that) is set
to Nothing, or that the code which assigns it is missing "Set" before the


Dim myRecordset As ADODB.Recordset
myRecordset.Open("SELECT 1",adStatic) ' This recordset is still "Nothing"


myRecordset = myCon.Execute("SELECT 1") ' This statement is missing the
initial "Set"
should read:
Set myRecordset = myCon.Execute("SELECT 1")

Hope that helps - if it is a VBA error, feel free to email me rather than
posting to the board.

Kind regards,

Al McNicoll
Integritec Limited

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Subject: Object Variable not set



I am using a MyODBC application database with a front end, which was
developed by a previous user at my organisation, who has since left.


It is using drop downs, within a form to set a date parameter for an import


There is one drop down for month and another for year.


When I use this form for all months upto and including April 2008, it is
functioning correctly, when I try to use this form for May 2008 however, I
am getting an error:


'Object variable Not set'.


I have seen this error before in VBA databases, and I am guessing this is
due to this variable not being declared somewhere in the set up code.


However, as I am unfamiliar with MyODBC, I am unsure where I should be
looking to correct this. Can you help at all?


Kind Regards,

Kev Harrison

Senior Commissions Consultant


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