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From:geniekids Date:June 6 2008 12:04pm
Subject:RE: Mysql server has gone away error
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Thanks Al
Actually i was using ODBC 3.51.x only - but since i was facing the same
problem with that i thought upgrading to 5.x will help.

I also looked into the links that you have provided below - but nothing
seems to be different
I am using  a user data asource and i don;t think i am using any ADO (though
possibly i am not sure :-(
I am attaching a screen shot of how i am doing the connection

thanks for all the help - but really need somebody like you to guide me
though and get this working - a bunch of my faculty (we are a child dev.
org) are waiting for this program to work so that they can enter their
teaching plan into it!!

I am even ok with emailing you the domain name, password etc for the mysql
and and the msaccess file - so that you can try from your local comp.


Al McNicoll wrote:
> Dear Ratnesh,
> I develop using Access / MyODBC / MySQL 5.x on a daily basis, and I have
> to
> admit that I've found that MyODBC 5 has been less reliable than 3.51.x -
> maybe try installing 3.51.x as well (they can co-exist peacefully) and see
> if you have fewer issues with that...
> Otherwise, I recommend the following:
> - Check in the documentation that you're using the right connection
> settings:
> eters.html
> - Look on the MySQL / Access forum:
> - Post back to this list, explaining how you're connecting to the server
> (are you using a System Data Source, a User Data Source - are you
> connecting
> using ADO?) 
> Al McNicoll
> Integritec Limited
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> Subject: Mysql server has gone away error
> Hi
> I have a mysql database on my web server and an MS Access (2002) frontend
> on
> my desktop. I am using ODBC 5.1 to connect the access frontend to the
> mysql
> database. However i keep getting this error almost every few minutes
> ODBC call failed
> [MYSQL][ODBC MYSQL 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.0.45-community]Mysql server has
> gone
> away (#2006)
> Once this error comes i need to close the ms access and open it again - it
> works for few minutes and then the same error.
> Any help will be really appreciated.
> (i am quite a newbie to mysql and odbc)
> ratnesh
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