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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 3 1999 9:51am
Subject:MyODBC 2.50.22 under Linux
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>>>>> "Petr" == Petr Stehlik <pstehlik@stripped> writes:

Petr> Hi,
Petr> I have been trying to compile the MyODBC package under Debian Linux 2.1 but
Petr> after several hours of editing .h files I gave up. I managed to compile the
Petr> iODBC and the samples, but I couldn't compile the myodbc at all. I was
Petr> really in doubt if it should be compilable under Linux at all since in
Petr> include/m-pc.h and /s-msdos.h I found things that didn't look too
Petr> multiplatform...

Petr> Perhaps I didn't understand some basic things so please forgive my naive
Petr> question: Could you please tell me how to connect from my application
Petr> running on Linux using ODBC to a MySQL database? Where to get the
Petr> file which is probably the only missing thing?

Petr> Thanks in advance

Petr> Petr

Petr> P.S. I am not subscribed to the list so CC: to pstehlik@stripped, please.
Petr> thanks.


Which MyODBC source distribution did you use?  The iODBC MySQL
distribution (from, doesn't use
any m-pc.h or s-msdos.h files.

(The myodbc-2.50.22/include directory is not used when compiling
MyODBC on Unix)

You should just add a path to your MySQL source installation and after 
this, everything should compile nicely!
Check the file '' for details!

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