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From:Al McNicoll Date:April 17 2007 1:40pm
Subject:RE: HELP! -- Word was unable to open data source
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Just a shot in the dark, but have you tried playing with the options flags?
At "Test Connection" level, those don't really matter as the connection is
only tested in a very generic way. At Word level (if it's anything like
Access) the flags get much more important.

Sorry if this is all stuff you know, but I thought it better to suggest
anyway. If you want some suggestions for the flags, see the MS Access
section under the connecter documentation.

Hope that's of some help,

Al McNicoll
Integritec Limited

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From: Matthew Paul [mailto:paulm@stripped] 
Sent: 17 April 2007 14:17
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Subject: HELP! -- Word was unable to open data source

Hello, I need someone's help greatly with a very pesky error involving
the mysql odbc connector and Microsoft Word (Mail merge).  Specifically,
I am getting a "Word is unable to open the data source" error message
when trying to complete a mail merge.  I am running mysql server 5.0.37
with Connector/ODBC 3.51-14.  These were both downloaded a few days ago.

I setup the odbc data source, using the MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver as the
provider, and then go into microsoft word and start the mail merge
process. When Word prompts to browse for a data source, I select
"Connect to New data source".  Then I select "ODBC DSN", and next I
select my ODBC data source that I had already setup. Here's where things
get interesting -- A listing of tables inside the mysql database is
displayed, so at this step word IS able to connect and retrieve a table
listing from MySQL.  I select the table I want, and click next, then
finish.  A "Data Link Properties" window appears with a connection
string populated from the previous wizard.  The third option, initial
catalog, has the database of the odbc selected (not blank).  At this
point if I click "Test Connection" the following error occurs: "Test
Connection failed because of an error in initializing provider.
Catastrophic failure".  If I make the mentioned dropdown blank (no
initial catalog), the connection tests successfully.  When I click ok in
the "Data Link Properties" window, word immediately gives an error "Word
was unable to open the data source."  I have done extensive searching
and have found other forum posts with people having the same exact
error(s).  This is how I figured out to leave the third dropdown
(initial catalog) blank to get past that step.  As it is I am stuck with
"Word was unable to open the data source", and have not found a
solution, only more people with same problem.  The only potential fix I
saw was in the mysql forums, and involved upgrading to version 3.51-12
of the Connector/ODBC.  Since I'm ahead of that release, I don't think
that is an option.   This functionality is crucial for my current
project and I desparately need a resolution for this.  Thanks in advance
for your help.



--Matthew Paul

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