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From:Peter Harvey Date:November 17 2006 8:08pm
Subject:Re: MyODBC 5.00.07 feedback
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Martin J. Evans wrote:

> Daniel Kasak wrote:
>> In Access, I go to link tables and then select the DSN. I get a blank 
>> DSN setup dialog ( that I just filled in ), so I fill them in again 
>> and then get a list of all the tables in my selected database. I 
>> select a table, hit OK, and it appears as a linked table in Access. 
>> Each new table I link I have to fill in all these details again, 
>> however when I go to the ODBC configuration panel in the Windows 
>> control panel and edit the DSN, all the details are filled in, but 
>> Access isn't seeing them when making new table connections.
> Access saves the output connection string to use for the next link 
> tables (if you enable the view on system tables you can see it). I'd 
> guess myodbc is not returning it (see SQLDriverConnect and the 
> OutConnectionString argument). That sounds like a bug in myodbc driver.
> Martin
> -- 
> Martin J. Evans
> Easysoft Limited

Sounds like a good thing for us to verify :)


Peter Harvey, Software Developer

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