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From:Peter Harvey Date:November 17 2006 8:07pm
Subject:Re: MyODBC 5.00.07 feedback
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Daniel Kasak wrote:

> I just finished testing MyODBC 5.00.07 with MS Access 2002 ( sp3 ) on 
> Windows 2000 ( sp4, MDAC-2.8, all Windows Updates ). I have also 
> tested with the 'current' msjet40.dll that Windows Update pushed, as 
> well as msjet40_v_4.0.8618.0.dll as per directions in 
> I can create a System DSN.
> In Access, I go to link tables and then select the DSN. I get a blank 
> DSN setup dialog ( that I just filled in ), so I fill them in again 
> and then get a list of all the tables in my selected database. I 
> select a table, hit OK, and it appears as a linked table in Access. 
> Each new table I link I have to fill in all these details again, 
> however when I go to the ODBC configuration panel in the Windows 
> control panel and edit the DSN, all the details are filled in, but 
> Access isn't seeing them when making new table connections.
> I then open the table, and get an error message from Access: 
> "ODBC--call failed.", and a datasheet full of #NAME? I have tried with 
> simple tables with just mediumints in it, and also with and without a 
> timestamp(14) field.
> Also Access crashed on a relatively large number of occasions while 
> linking and opening tables, and also would crash when I exited Access 
> 'normally'. Then each time I restarted Access and went to open a 
> table, I would get the DSN dialog with all the details filled in apart 
> from the username and password.

Thanks for the feedback. We have made some improvements with C/ODBC & MS 
Access in the latest Beta (v5.00.08) and already have more in place for 
the next Beta.

We know about the crash which can occur when closing MS Access under 
certian circumstances and we know where the problem is. We are working 
to get a fix together for it.

Thanks again!

Peter Harvey, Software Developer

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