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From:Ionut Gorea Date:November 9 2006 6:54am
Subject:RE: Problems with ODBC connector v5
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I've just tested the new 5.0.07 release and the second problem, the one with
the connection error, has been solved. Still I can't get the content of TEXT
fields (problem no. 1). Now, instead of an empty string which was returned
in v 5.0.05 I get a blank MEMO field (MEMO field can be considered the
equivalent of BLOB field in mysql) 

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Subject: Problems with ODBC connector v5



I want to report some problems I've encountered while trying to migrate from
connector v3.51 to v5. I've been using the combination of Microsoft Visual
FoxPro and a MySQL backend for almost two years without any major problems
(except the lack of support from the connector part for stored procedures
and other MySQL v5 features).


Problem no. 1: Recently I installed connector v 5.0.5, set up a User DNS and
changed into the program code to use this connection. Everything worked fine
(I was even able to call a stored procedure) except the fact that for every
column set as TEXT on the mysql server I received an empty string instead of
the actual content although with v3.51 connector this didn't happen. I did
not report this issue hopping that the next release of connector v5 will
solve it, but


Problem no. 2: I installed yesterday v5.0.6 (removing first the v5.0.5) and
did the same settings for the DNS connection as I've done for v5.0.5. The
problem is now I can't connect to the mysql server. The SQLCONNECT() cannot
setup a connection. I uninstall v5.0.6 and installed v.5.0.5 and everything
worked fine. I repeated this process for several times with the same


Technical details: - server side: MySQL 5.0.18

                          - client side: Windows 2003 Standard Edition;
Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9 (if it helps with something)


Let me know if you need any further details.




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