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From:Frank Maas Date:October 17 2006 3:52pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.0.5 has been released
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On 10/17/06, Mark Matthews <mark@stripped> wrote:
> Connector/ODBC v5.0.5 (the first BETA release) has been released. You no
> longer need to have Connector/ODBC 3.51 installed (however this release
> can co-exist with a 3.51 installation), as this version now uses its own
> setup library unlike prior ALPHA releases.

> The driver is feature complete, and has started going through internal
> testing. At this time it is known to be able to link tables in Microsoft
> Access and perform some ADO-related functionality. Our goals for
> internal testing are to cover the set of applications that are most used
> with MySQL and ODBC, including Microsoft Office applications (including
> Access), Crystal Reports, ADO and OleDB.
> With this release we're asking the user community to give detailed
> feedback on which applications do not work with the driver, as we don't
> have access to all possible combinations of MDAC, Microsoft Office
> service pack and hotfix combinations for our own internal testing. We're
> also especially interested in results from testing in-house or
> commercial applications that don't have widespread availability.

Guys. First of all: congratulations with this new release, it is
another step forward. But... I'd like to know how much of a step. I
see 19 verified bugs in the ODBC section that name 5.0. Some of them
are obviously 3.51 related, but at least two are mine and thus 5.0.4.
One of those two still pertains in this new version (even if it was
reported back in July), given the new bug report 23375.
As I have said before: I am happy to go bug-hunting, but I see not
much feedback on this. I have not seen any progress report (neither in
the list, nor in the publication of the new version and not even in
the buglist) and this new version clearly still contains at least one
older bug. My other bug described the problem of not being able to
call stored procedures, which for me is rather important. Does 5.0.5
solve #20963? If not, then installing it (for me) is useless.

Once again: I admire your work and I know this is an open source
project. The only thing I am stressing is that the (at least my)
willingness to participate is heavily correlated with the amount of
feedback and sense of being heard.


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