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From:Al McNicoll Date:July 20 2006 12:42pm
Subject:myODBC issue - changed table name
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Dear all,

Any clarity on this problem would be appreciated.

The setup:
I've got a client program running MS Access 2003 (on Win XP), connecting to
a linux server (running Fedora 5) running MySQL 5.0 Community Edition. At
the moment, there's only the one client connecting - later there will be
many more. Connection is made using myODBC 3.51.12

The problem:
Halfway through a data-entry process the other day, Access threw up an ODBC
error. After much debugging, it turns out it couldn't find a certain table,
called textbank_account_name00000152. I know that this table had existed in
the past, so I deleted the link from Access's database window, then tried to
relink the table. The table bank_account_name00000152 appeared when I
selected my DSN from the list, but when I then tried to link it, it said
that the Jet Database engine couldn't find table bank_account_name00000152.
Further investigation in MySQL administrator revealed that the table
bank_account_name00000152 was not present in the database, but one called
bank_account_name00000144 *was* present. Slightly confused, I then tried to
rename this table to bank_acount_name00000152 using the built-in MySQL Table
Editor. Error: "table bank_account_name00000152 already exists"
To further these problems, I'm currently doing all this querying "blind"
over the phone to a fairly non-technical user, while I wait for a VPN to be
set up. So for the moment, I don't have printouts of the information_schema,

The questions:
1. Has anyone else had this issue using myODBC?
2. Is there any way that I can change the table name without issuing a ALTER
TABLE statement (I can't see one in my code)?
3. Although this may be an issue for a separate list, does anyone have any
experience of this internal inconsistency within MySQL server - ie a table
which appears to have one name but "actually" has another?
4. The user I speak to over the phone has limited abilities and limited
patience. Can you suggest any information that would be really useful to
get? I think an information_schema readout is probably going to be pretty
high on that list, but are there any other things I haven't thought of?

Any help you can offer would be gratefully appreciated, and might save me
from further hair loss...


Al McNicoll
Integritec Ltd

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