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From:Martin J. Evans Date:July 4 2006 6:16pm
Subject:Re: confussion about ODBC
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On Tue, 2006-07-04 at 10:55 -0700, sumit dagar wrote:
> sir,
> i am a amatuer programmer. i am building a application which accesses mySQL
> database. i am having difficulty how to connect to the databse. the probem
> is i cant figure out what exactly are the utilities of JDBC and ODBC and how
> are they different.
> my skill sets:jsp,html,java,
> kindly reply asap..
> thanking you.
> Sumit Dagar


You are not really giving us much to go on so we'll have to guess.

MySQL has both ODBC and JDBC drivers. I've never used the JDBC
driver but I have used the ODBC driver.

Given your "skill sets" include jsp and java I'm guessing you'll
get along with the JDBC driver most easily.

You can find a JDBC driver for MySQL:

ODBC and JDBC are just different ways to access MySQL. JDBC is
a Java only interface (although there are gateways which convert 
ODBC to JDBC and vice versa) and ODBC is predominantly a C API.

On top of that there are Perl, Python, Rexx, PHP etc etc interfaces
to databases which use the MySQL ODBC driver. These days you might
as well pick the language and interface you are happiest with using
as there are loads to choose from (your target platform for the
application may have a say here).

As to how ODBC and JDBC differ - they are chalk and cheese in some
ways and rather similar in others however, they both boil down
to performing inserts/updates/deletes/selects/metadata_functions
(and possibly create/drop etc).

Perhaps you'd do better downloading
the JDBC driver given you have some java experience, try to use it
and posting on a mysql/jdbc list if you have a specific problem.

Martin J. Evans
Easysoft Limited

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